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# Fund 7 - Timeline

Stage What to Do Starting Date Cutoff Date
Insight sharing Share perspective Nov 11th Nov 18
Proposal draft submission Submit ideas, Provide structured feedback Nov 18th Nov 25th @ 11 AM UTC
Proposal Refinement Provide structured feedback Nov 25th Dec 2nd @ 11 AM UTC
Proposal Finalization Idea crystalized as proposal Dec 2th Dec 9th @ 11 AM UTC
Proposal Review Community advisors review proposals Dec 9th Dec 16th @ 11 AM UTC
Asses QA Proposers flags, vCA reviews Dec 16th @ 11 AM UTC Jan 6th @ 11 AM UTC
Governance phase Voting Jan 13th To be decided

# Fund 6 Cardano Catalyst Proposal

We have a proposal to continue development on this site. Please check it out here: Ideascale (opens new window)

# Cardano Stack Exchange Launched

Cardano is now on Stack Exchange https://cardano.stackexchange.com/ If you have trouble finding answers here, you can just ask a question!

# Townhall recap 14 March 2021

Please read community Townhall recap here by Jacob D.: Project Catalyst Fund5 weekly townhall and Q&A #3 April 2021

# Fund-4-FAQ

IOG have released information relating to Fund 4. Major news is that teh voting threashold has been lowered from 2900 ada to 500 ada. For this and further information please read: Official Catalyst - Fund4 FAQ (opens new window)

# When will hardware wallet voting support will be available?

The question of "When will hardware wallet voting support will be available?" has been asked many times. It is a high priority to the Project Catalyst team and IOG. There are many working parts to implement successfully including working with Ledger, Emergo - these are things that are outside of the control of Project Catalyst. There are currently no hard commitment of when it can be delivered. It's a focus to get it done before the end of the year. As soon as there can be a hard commitment it will be communicated to the community. We all thank you for your participation and patience.

# We are applying for funding!

This page is a community project, we want to grow this into a proper information hub for Project Catalyst. To make this happen we are applying for support in Fund 4: Catalyst Value Onboarding. We have a plan to involve as many community members as possible. Project Catalyst Landing Page proposal (opens new window)