# Voter Resources

Catalyst registration and voting guide
Official - IOHK Support
In this article we will demonstrate the registration and voting process for Project Catalyst as it applies for every Fund.
Fund timeline
A timeline of how a funds lifecycle.
Voter Guide
Official - Project Catalyst (Fund 3)
Information for voting in Project Catalyst.
Voting result analytics
Fund 2
Fund 2 - Voting Results Alternates - by Daniel Ribar.
Voter Rewards
official - Fund 3
How much voting rewards will I receive at the end of Fund3?
Official Voter Registration Guide
Project Catalyst voting
Project Catalyst’s voting system is a crucial component of Voltaire and on-chain governance for the Cardano ecosystem. Project Catalyst uses IdeaScale as a collaborative innovation platform, allowing ada holders to steer the development and deliver funds to emerging projects.
Proposer Guidelines - Community
Voter Advice and Expert Ballots.
Voter Tool
A community built and maintained tool to make voting decisions less time consuming (work in progress)