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# News

# When will hardware wallet voting support will be available?

The question of "When will hardware wallet voting support will be available?" has been asked many times. It is a high priority to the Project Catalyst team and IOG. There are many working parts to implement successfully including working with Ledger, Emergo - these are things that are outside of the control of Project Catalyst. There are currently no hard commitment of when it can be delivered. It's a focus to get it done before the end of the year. As soon as there can be a hard commitment it will be communicated to the community. We all thank you for your participation and patience.

# We are applying for funding!

This page is a community project, we want to grow this into a proper information hub for Project Catalyst. To make this happen we are applying for support in Fund 4: Catalyst Value Onboarding. We have a plan to involve as many community members as possible. Project Catalyst Landing Page proposal (opens new window)