# Proposer Resources

Funded Proposal Regular Report
Official - Catalyst
Funded proposal montly community report form. Due by the 24th of the month.
Submit a proposal
Official - Ideascale
Project Catalyst is an experiment in community innovation, providing a framework to turn ideas into impactful real world projects. We're putting the community at the heart of Cardano's future development. Are you ready for the Challenge?
Proposer Guide
Official - Project Catalyst
Informaion about proposing in Project Catalyst.
Project Catalst Proposers
Official - t.me/catalystproposers
Welcome proposers! This channel is to support and inspire you with your efforts to create high-quality proposals!
Cardano Official
Official Cardano Community Telegram Group, managed by the Cardano Foundation Community Team.
PA resources
Resources relavent to Proposal Assessors (formerly Community Advisors (CA)).
Proposer Guidelines - Community
Community made proposer guides.
Teaming Agreement Templates
Community - Funded
Create template(s) suitable to serve as teaming agreements tailored to Catalyst funded proposals. Project Closing report and explainer video.
Close a Project
Official - Catalyst
A 2/3 page written summary ‘Project Close Report’ listing KPIs and how they were (or were not) addressed and what the next stage plans are with the product or service that was developed.