# Project Catalyst Fund5 weekly Townhall and Q&A #3 - 14 April 2021

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00:00 Apologies for delay in funds General Information All
Big apologies by Dor and the team for delay: Unfortunately, there was a little bit delay in distributing the rewards of fund 3 and registration for fund 4 will be delayed slightly
Reason: Despite working effortlessly, Dor and the team couldn’t keep up 100% with scaling up to the biggest decentralized innovation fund in the world
02:46 West African Decentralized Alliance (WADA) Proposal Update All
West African Decentralized Alliance (WADA), Megan Hess and Fotio Manfo
Thanks to great community support they are currently being funded (50 people donated for WADA after a Cardano Live Podcast)
Current Mission: Connecting African developers to the Cardano blockchain with 3 pillars: Education, dapp creation and infrastructure
Currently starting different hubs in West Africa
09:27 Currently proposals are either granted 100% or 0% of funds Problem Sensing All
It is problematic to manage for how much funding a proposal should apply – some people make cheaper proposals on purpose
Currently it is just all or nothing – as a consequence – some proposals miss out because they requested only a bit too much
There should be a the possibility to a) indicate ranges that would be okay for funding (e.g. 10.000-15.000$) and b) indicate if the proposers would be willing to work even if they don’t get funded
Furthermore, there could be a donation round right after the funding round for the proposals that slightly missed the threshold
15:20 F3 Rewards have been sent out General Information vCA, CA, Voter, Proposer
Rewards have been sent out to vCAs, CAs, Voters, and the propers just have to go through an identity verification process
1 ada voting rewards were sent out to everybody who participated, even when they were only egligable for less. This will change next round.
17:00 Ouroboros over RINA, Jesse & Gary Proposal Update All
Rewards from fund 2 (Jan. 16th) were used for:
Initiating Stakepool, ticker RUG (on March 15.) – 4x DELL PowerEdge R640 Server in two data centers in Tokyo
The Rewards were used as a pledge for the pool for future RINA Cardano Integration
Current work: Researching how to evolve Ethernet connection into a more native approach to RINA
Looking for hardware rewrites of ethernet headers and other solutions to accelerate the adoption of RINA
Utilizing the Cardano node to test and develop RINA policy with smart contracts and token creation
Developing DApp for ‘time’ – Approach to provide stratum 1 time with atomic clock inside RINA Network
Updating their website: Rinauser.group
Hired first developer full time, trying to expand team further, implementing RINA Network Video Conference solution for expanding membership of RINA team
22:02 New Catalyst Coordinator for fund 2 & 3 General Information Proposers of F2 & F3
There is a now a Catalyst Coordinator for fund 2 & fund 3 (A coordinator to help out proposals of fund 2 &3)
To establish trust with the community (Reporting progress)
Conducting workshops and train
In the future probably additional incubation program
23:30 Catalyst testing ground launched General Information All
Catalyst testing ground is launched, it is a group to find bugs in catalyst & test, just join the telegram: https://t.me/catlystdryruns
24:45 Fund 5 refinement stage starts today General Information Proposers, CAs
Today starts fund 5 refinement stage – there are +/- 266 active proposals in fund 5
Now is the time to reduce the active proposals to better address the wicked problems
Use this phase for team building, use tags on the discord channel (that other people see which people you are seeking in your proposal)
Use the Pich-to-Devs Channel if you need devs: https://discord.gg/eJySdx9n6r (opens new window)
Merge efforts where possible, collaborations are more successful and quality increases -> just send proposers dm on ideascale
26:58: Upcoming: A checklist for proposal writing General Information Proposers
There will be a proposer checklist soon – to streamline the process and reduce the gap between experts and novice proposal writers (Thanks to all the CAs and proposers who contributed)
Only proposals that fulfill the standards will go into the review phase (Proposers will be provided with the checklist)
31:06 Reminder: Let's give each other feedback to improve! General Information All
Give feedback! When giving feedback, think about the following principles:
Auditability: Were enough information supplied for accurate reviews
Impact: How can the proposal better address the challenge
Feasability: Can the proposal pull it off?: Scope, plan, team etc.
And be positive and constructive! Support all the proposers as they are valuable for the system!
44:06 Feedback Challenge for Catalyst General Information CA, All
Find 3 proposals with no feedback or low feedback on Ideascale
Enhance each idea with your best advice to make it the most impactful it can be
Let the Project Catalyst Telegram group (opens new window) know by tagging #feedbackchallenge along with titles of the projects you commented on